Please, update Specs of M3

BPI team : sinovoip & foxconn . we work together. just give us some time ,we will update document later. when we ready BPI-M3, main hardware design will finished , we will update more document about all BPI board.

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And who are you ? You; who is using ‘sinovoip’ to answer in this forum ?

Who are you - what is your job?

dear Tido . you have help us many , are you like to test a BPI-M2+ board, if you want , i can let judy send a free sample to you.

When is BPI-M3 Android source upload?

Dear Lion,

I have sent you a private message, but you never replied.

sorry , judy have contact you , she will send a free sample to you . just keep contact with judy. sorry.

half a year has passed no source code BPI m3!!! or it will be this year’s Christmas surprise then?

all code have update to github.

Thanks for your response. m3 bsp GitHub not all code, but from android missing part.

android is not open source code ,so we can not public it on github .

you can send mail to [email protected] .

thanks, information…

You must be kidding. But since your customers believe every lie they deserve what they get…

this thread was about specification and this has nothing to do with it ! It belongs to this Thread

whats that means ?!!

dear tkaiser . we have sign a NDA with allwinner . can not open it online .

And do you enable your users to get access to and rebuild the Android kernel? How can users exchange the kernel or add drivers in your Android images?

Its partly true…not all Android features are available as open source, some things are propriety, but it seems to be a confusion among those who seem to feel they should get as complete a version on their Pi devices as their phones. That is not viable.

Hi . In kernel 3.4 . Do you have a method to disable thermal throttling ?. Because I want my Bpi-m3 alway run at 1.8GHz until temperature of CPU reach to 85 Celsius…

Hi! I have a problem that if I connect 5V adaptor to the Micro USB OTG port, what will happen? Would it hurt the board? Thanks! (๑• . •๑)

also can use it power your BPI-M3, :slight_smile:

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