Pi hole on BananaPi M1

Hello. I’m trying to get pi hole working but there are errors through process. For example, on Raspbian (found here: http://www.lemaker.org/product-bananapi-resource.html ) There’s error it doesn’t have root privilege so it can’t install. Also when I want update/upgrade (sudo apt-get update) there’s many errors showing many of the resources not found (404) etc. So I tried run official raspbian but with no luck. I thought it would be because of wrong kernel so I’m going to change kernel on boot partition. Do someone have it working? If yes, can you send step-by-step guide? Or OS link on which do you have it?




How did you make it working? On my Banana Pi it stuck on last screen of Pi hole installing “Installed lighttpd (armhf)” on 100% and waiting for user input. I don’t know how to access any menu of pi hole on armbian. I can’t even use “pihole” command, it seems like it’s not installed. I did whole setup on recommend settings but with no luck.

Armbian is Debian like OS which works. From there on, you have to see Pi-Hole manual … in case it doesn’t work the automated way.

Fixed by pre-installing lighttpd before Pi Hole.