Pi Camera With BPi M2 Zero

Hi team,

I buy two Banana Pi M2 Zero to do some tests with the Pi Camera V2.1 and i realize that it’s not compatible, i don’t understand why it’s only compatible with Ov5640, if it can communicate with one camera, it has to be able to communicate with another with some adapter.

There are any way to make it work?

Thanks a lot.

BPI-M2 Zero not suppor Pi camera . it is not same hardware interface .

Hi! Thanks for the response.

But there is some adaptor or something that could make it work? or it’s impossible to do this?

not yet , BPI-m2 Zero can not support raspberry pi camera.

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Hi another time,

I have an OV2640 camera with the 24 pin CSI connector but i cannot make it work, it’s possible to make it work??

It’s almost identical to the OV5640.

Thanks, Regards.

make sure your ov2640 24pin have the compatiable pin define with m2 zero csi connector, as i known, most of the ov module 24 pin connector is opposite to m2 zero csi connector.

Hi All,

I have an OV5640 camera from Waveshare. I am struggling to find a 24pin ribbon cable what fits the BPi M2 Zero. I can only find the raspberry pi ones.

Could someone point me to the correct ribbon cable?