Phoenix os on BPI M3

I have an idea to install Phoenix OS or RemixOS and use it on my BPI M3 board but i was wonder how to compile configs and drives any one here tested it and can help ?

I doubt any of the OS will support the M3 in the recent future. Though they are all themed android, I do not think Remix or Phenoix will release an image specifically for A83t SoC. Their other images are for the x86 architecture.

However, the M2+ may not be compatible since its SoC is not identical to the RemixMini.

OMFG, I close my account here immediately again. The M2+ is based on H3 and Remix Mini uses H64 (which is ARMv8/Cortex-A53 and not ARMv7/Cortex-A7).

It’s so sad. But this forum is absolutely useless and contains solely wrong information. In case anyone fighting with the crap Linux OS images provided here for M1/M1+/M2/M2+ (nope, no support for M3!)… join Armbian forums instead of wasting your time here.

Lol. My bad. I knew it was H something.

tkaiser, projectbananapi , just help us do many work same as you.

he is a student in America. just a senior high school student.:slight_smile:

so , maybe he make some mistake. sorry about it.

Thanks for your informations