OV8865 do not work after kernel re-compiler

Hi, I have bpi camera module(ov5640+8865 combo) and BPI M3. When I use offical release “image binary code” burning to SDCARD, and boot from SDCARD, OV8865 works!! “guvview” can capture camera image.

Because of ttuning performance for 8865, I download kernel source and rebuild whole project, source from here ( docker ): https://bananapi.gitbooks.io/bpi-m3/content/en/howtosetupdockerenvtobuildgithubsourcecod.html

ov8865 do not work!! device node does no appear (/dev/video0). I am “very sure” and check again…

  1. OV8865 & 5640 driver (sunxi video frone end driver) was selected in kernerl configuration, and ov8865.ko & ov5640.ko succes build.
  2. manual insert module(insmod) is ok, but /dev/video0 does not appear.

Could any one give me suggestion? Many Thanks!