OV5640 Armbian 5.15.25 BananaPi-M2-Zero

Upgrading to the latest Armbian build 5.15.25 on the M2-Zero has caused the camera to stop working.

I had a build from https://github.com/Qengineering/BananaPi-M2-Zero-OV5640, and ive seen my camera work with Gstreamer but i now need it to use the hardware encoding. So i used https://wvthoog.nl/nanopi-ov5640-camera/ to enable the Cedrus encoder, but upgrading the devices loses the camera and /video1.

There is no /video1, or media1.

Ive tried to edit the dts files, build and push them but no luck.

Any advice here would be good. I know there are a few topics on here on this subject, but they are all slightly different issues because of the kernel used.

Is there really no response back from the BPI team on how i can make any progress on this?

I cant find any more information on this problem.

Hi @Chris-Reach, I’m running into this as well. What did you end up doing?