Openwrt CHAOS CALMER - 3rd test version - Gigabit and Temp Sensors - 10/08/15

shard by db260179

Update: 10/08/15

Fixed permission issue on init.d script seperated axp209 sensor to a module due to conflict with cpu-freq.

06/08/15 Fixed Imagebuilder Full AXP209 sensor reading enabled Near Gigabit Speed from Lamobo to PC (PC to Lamobo not affect and works at full 1GB bit speed)

ssh to your lamobo router and type:

$ sensors sun4i_ts-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter SoC temperature: +37.1 C

axp209-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter ACIN: +5.20 V VBUS: +0.00 V BATT: +0.00 V APS: +4.90 V CHIP: +44.3 C BATT: 0.00 W ACIN: +0.69 A VBUS: +0.00 A BATT_CHRG: +0.00 A BATT_DISCHRG: +0.00 A

The following output should be shown - good for diagnosing any power or temperature issues.

Enjoy! DB

Hi all,

Please test my new openwrt image - I have possibly fixed the speed issue that has been haunting this board.

So basically, doing an iperf from lamobo r1 <> PC - would only have at most a 100Mbit speed

With this image, the speed is near gigabit speed (close to what Igor has tested) - 320Mbit speed now

PLEASE use the supplied - OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-V1.0.0802-sunxi.Linux-i686.tar.bz2 (contains the correct packages and kernel modules) openwrt-V1.0.0802-sunxi-Lamobo_R1-sdcard-vfat-ext4.img - burn to SD card

This release is using the Linux kernel 4.0.9 Default IP set to , no root password.

To test the speed, install iperf on openwrt and on your test rig PC - linux

iperf -s - run as server test on both openwrt and pc iperf -c hostname

So as an example:

iperf -s (lamobo r1 hostname = openwrt)

iperf -c openwrt

To improve performance - play with the cpu frequency as this kernel has it enabled.

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies 144000 312000 528000 720000 864000 912000 960000 echo 720000 >/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq

Paste result to this thread!

PLEASE NOTE: this does not have the wifi modules enabled as default, due to being crap and unreliable!