Openelec Kodi 16.0 (xbmc) on the Banana Pi BPI M2+ project

Openelec Kodi 16.0 (xbmc) on the Banana Pi BPI M2+

source code on github.

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test image:

Is this image available?is there a working image for Bpi m2 yet?

you can test this image ;

Will the BPI-M2+ image work for the BPI-M2?

not support , BPI-M2 use A31S chip ,but BPI-M2+ use H3 chip

Openelec Kodi 16.0 (xbmc) on the Banana Pi BPI M2+

newest image download link:

Is there openelec KODI for BANANA PI M2U? Really need this. Search over the internet and found nothing. Or would you please elaborate how to modify the m2+ to be usable under m2u?

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WARNING: Those images are using Allwinner’s CedarX blobs which have license issues (

WARNING: Use automatic or manual updates at your own risk. Settings, except script.bin, will be preserved unless something nasty happens. Manual copying KERNEL and SYSTEM files is not supported!

Currently supported boards:

  • Banana Pi M2+ (bpim2p)

Latest images can be found here:

Update file for manual update (newer than images above):

Changelog (of released and yet to be released features/fixes/reworks) can be found here:

Older images can be found here:

+1 I need to :slight_smile: Please anybody help with KODI for BPI M2U

Hi, i’m supporting the Kodi on BananaPi using an OpenELEC distribution. I have succesfully integrated Kodi with the OpenGLES graphics composition, but all the decoding is performed by software and the board get very hot. Currently I’m trying to use the prebuilt binaries of CedarX but i don’t know where to look for the BPiM2u version. Do you have where I can found it?