Open questions about the BPI-W2

The ‘BPI-W2’ was presented here as an ‘open source’ router.

Now I have some questions.

where is the previous source code for:

  1. preloader
  2. u-boot emmc/sd
  3. kernel
  4. spi-rom

to download?

In addition, some information will be helpful.

for example :

  • how is the spi-rom flashed?
  • where are circuit diagrams to be viewed?
  • why so sd is not initialized by the emmc u-boot?
  • why the detour via spi-rom?

Getting Started with Banna Pi BPI-W2

Topic missed!

At the link above you will not find a single word on my questions.

Why so will not release the source for w2 on github repositories like other banana pi hardware?

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4 month without commits… A lot of things not worked with this kernel. If BPI-W2 named as opensource Router, where is support for the second ethernet port? It is a MAIN feature…

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Thank you for researching this issue. I am tried your patch(this commit Still have 1 ethernet interface.