OMAX support in Allwinner Android

Can you please ask the Allwinner Android people why they implemented OpenMax here:

And then did not fold that support into their Android source base? I do not see how this Android passed Google CTS without implementing OMX.

If you look in the source tree: jonsmirl@ubuntu-16:~/aosp/a6$ ls hardware/qcom/media/msm8996/libstagefrighthw QComOMXMetadata.h QComOMXPlugin.cpp QComOMXPlugin.h

Those are the OMX plugin files for Qualcomm. They are not there for Allwinner. But they are in the Allwinner tree on Github. Why haven’t these been merged into their Android SDK?

Why does this matter? Because Chrome uses OMX to find HW enc/dec. Since AW did not implement OMX Chrome concludes there is no HW enc/dev on Allwinner and does it in software. For example do a WebRTC session in Chrome and notice that you get 3FPS, with HW enc/dec this would be 30FPS.

I am sure about this, if you look in the Chrome source for you can see where it looks for OMX and then reverts to software enc/dec if it does not find it.