No wifi on Banana Pi M1+ running Armbian Buster

I can’t see any evidence of any wifi at all… no wlan network interfaces, I don’t see anything about wifi or wlan in dmesg, modprobe says ap6210 not found… The board definitely says that it’s an M1+ though, anyone have any ideas?

Turns out that by default the M1+ thinks it’s just an M1 which has no wifi, you can see if this is happening with cat /proc/device-tree/model which will give LeMaker Banana Pi for a basic M1, or Banana Pi BPI-M1-Plus if it’s the real deal.

If it’s wrong, you can append the following line to your /boot/armbianEnv.txt and reboot and it should show the correct device model string and have the wlan0 network interface etc.

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