No picture with the BananaPi M3

Hello, Since the day before yesterday I have my first single-board computer, the Banana Pi M3. At the beginning it was not working at all (not booted, etc). Meanwhile, I have the Ubuntu Mate 16.04 HDMI Image from the BananaPi page on the run. Can access the Pi over the network via Putty. However, the picture via HDMI does not work, not even rudimentary. No BPI logo or anything, it just stays black. Then I tried the following step by step, However, I am stuck with step 4 with the error message that the file was not found … (cp: can not stat ‘/boot/bananapi/script.bin’: No such file or directory) What is this? Sry am absolute freshman … For help, I would be grateful! Please help. Thanks! I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet. References:

promo video examples

well it’s best to buy a raspberry pi as your first computer ,well anyways try reflashing the sd card with a good program like since it checks that it is bootable or not.