Newbie questions (IR & SATA)

Hi, I’m a new owner of BPI M2 Ultra. Installed Raspbian Stretch and tried to test IR remote - unfortunatelly it doesn’t detect any key I’ve pressed. Then tried connecting my 3,5’ HDD into SATA port. I can see HDD under fdisk -l, but cannot mount it. HDD format is ext4 so there shouldn’t be any problems I think. I have external power (12V), so only connected SATA. Also getting a lot of errors from HDD when launching my BPI.

Thanks in advance for answers. Regards

Okay, noticed that my HDD is formatted in ext4 under latest kernel, so I need to format it on BananaPi.

But what about IR? getevent not detecting my remotes, evtest too… How to make it work? :C

Still nobody got answer for IR receiver??

Really? I’ve bought a device with IR receiver that is not working??