Newbie Help Request

Hi all,

I have played around with a number of devices so far all successful, but with Banana Pi, I am really struggeling …

I have (all of these are running perfectly on a Raspberry Pi model B+):

  • a 8G Smart Card (with latests Rasberian on it - that runs perfectly in the RasPi)
  • all things connected: Monitor to HDMI, Mouse & Keyboard to USB and a power supply (that also works with teh RasPi)

When I plug in the power, the red LED next to the GPIO pins gets on … that’s it … nothing else. The HDMI Screen stays black, switches off after a few seconds.

What can I do to? There’ this button labelled “PWR” … pressed it short, long, twice … nothing.


Just got my first B-PI today as well. I also tried running it with a Raspbian image only to find a red Led. Then I flashed the Raspbian image from the Bananap -Pi website downloads section. This worked! I got the green led and was able to SSH into the Pi. The Raspberry Pi images don’t work on the BPI, I guess.

ok. tks, will try also! funny that not even anything would appear on the monitor. Quite strange!

Exactly! coming from the Raspberry Pi environment, I expected at least a color splash!

ok. it worked. could start Bananian finally. Thanks.

Maybe to give some feedback to the developpers … if you want to address a broader audience … some tutorials and at least some signal to the screen would be beneficial to newbies. On first impression (and I am a newbie to RasPi also), the Raspi-Docs and Website are more inviting and easier to understand / get a foot on the ground.

LOL, which ‘developers’? You should better read from here on:

And better not use any of the OS images the vendor provides since they’re all crap more or less (especially the Raspbian image).