New user coming from RPI ecosystem: which barebone image works best on BPI M2 Zero?

I got one of these boards and waiting to receive it, so I wanted to get a feel for which images are available for it. I am used to the RPI ecosystem so never had to worry about the image content since all functionalities on those pre-made images of raspbian were already enabled.

I need a recent image with barebone os; no need for multimedia server nor for fancy desktop; it is mainly for development work so terminal is fine with at most a light WM to run some IDE or browse documentation online now and then. What I need though is BT/Wifi support and GPIO support for I2C and everything else.

Is there an image with these specs already? If not what is the closest thing? And did anyone try to build their own image with one of those websites that let you pick and build ad-hoc linux images? Thanks