New core-board design based on BPI-M64 Documentation

I’m designing a new core-board based on BPI-M64 opensource documents summarizing it just to the processor, RAM, eMMC Flash and PMU and som connectors around. I have some questions that my designing depends on the answers:

1- if every thing goes fine and the designing is totally fine, then is my board capable of running the OS images that are presented for BPI-M64? I need to know if there is anything on the board(hardware or software) that makes the BPI-M64 special and the OS images just work on this board.

2-What are the necessary parts of the board that must exist on the core-board and if i remove them, it is impossible to run any OS on my board.

3- in the documents it is not mentioned anything about uboot and power buttons. which pins are connected to these buttons?

4- As the 2GB RAM of BPI-M64 is formed from four 512 DDR3 RAM, if i choose a single 2GB LPDDR3 RAM instead, is there anything to do (changing some code or hardware) to make my board supported by OS images that are presented for BPI-M64?

if i should not ask my questions here please tell me where to ask.

Thank you!

we choose 4 pcs 512 DDR3 on board ,just about cost and easy to purchase, if you want to use a single 2GB, we need to customization for you ,maybe cost higher .

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Thanks for your answer. According to the limitations of our project, we are going to design something like BPI-M64 but in a modular way. We are going to have:

  1. A core-board Module containing Allwinner A64, 8GB eMMC flash same as in BPI-M64, same PMU, a 2GB Micron RAM(MT52L512M32D2PF-107) and some connectors which connects each interface of the processor(Graphical, Audio,…) to separate modules.

  2. A Connection Module contating USB,UART,Wifi,Bluetooth and ethernet with exactly the same ICs used on BPI-M64

  3. A Programmer Module which contains anything needed for porting the OS on eMMC flash

as you see we are not going to change anything except the RAM.

my questions are:

  1. What Customization are needed to make our desing run every OS like BPI-M64? do i need change the driver for the RAM or anything else? if so, how to do that? is it a hard thing to do?

2.what are the main components that i should put on Programmer Module in a way that if i remove Programmer Module from the board, any other person can’t manipulate the OS of the core-board?(I think U-boot button and otg connector are what i need to put on this module).

Thanks a lot

I would appreciate if you answer my questions or tell me how can I be in contact with you? Thanks

you can send mail go [email protected] cc to [email protected]