Network speed too slow

Hi, I have the Banana Pi Pro with Bananian (15:04) and have him in the network involved. It acts as network storage (NFS) and home automation. Since I am now switched to HD and have a receiver with 1Gbit interface, I had the speed of the NFS server before incredibly slow. I can only use 8.4 MB / s. Now I have the times with a PC, connected directly to the BPi, tried over NFS and FTP. The same result. Since I used the speed to SD times earlier, I did not care so far. Now it is too slow. What can it be and where do I have to search?With ethtools I have already found out that the interface on the BPi is generally 1000 Mbit, so fitting. Can I still set the nfs server or have I possibly set the wrong? Please help.


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You could be suffering from thermal throttling. If the chip gets hot, the clock speed is scaled down to prevent overheating. Do you have a heat sink on your CPU chip?

8.4MB/s bottleneck seems to be from the storage system. Is it attached via USB or SATA?