Netflix on Android 4.4

Hi all,

Yesterday I tried to install Netflix using Android 4.4 on the bpi m2 using the google play store. Installation went fine but when I start Netflix I get a blank screen and see nothing appearing…

Can you help me out?

Regards, Rafael

Hey mijnpcprobleem, I have the same issue. I don’t know the cause.

This is the workaround I use.

I click around in the upper right area of the black screen. That is the area where the sign in button seems to be located. If you can finally click on it, then the sign in screen should appear. Apparently, the app is running correctly, but it is almost like it isn’t graphically rendered.

After that, videos for me play as a black screen. I have to skip ahead in a video and then back to the beginning for it to run without a black screen.

Tell me if this helps you any. I was going to take some screenshots to help, but the built-in screenshot program refuses to capture during a black screen moment.

I’ve got it working. I tried to login and run netflix from the website after installing the app but it wanted me to install silverlight. I saw others had got it working using google chrome. So this worked for me: First, install the netflix app. Then download and install google chrome. Login on their website and your good to go. You may have to skip ahead etc. as vmswift says above but I don’t have to.