Need source code for Android 4.2.2 v2.1 HDMI (Banana PI M1+)

Hi Banana PI support,

I currently use Banana PI M1+ as Android Car PC. There are some things which I would like to optimize and for this I need the source code for the Banana PI M1+ Android 4.2.2 image - I think the latest version is 2.1 HDMI.

Following is what I want to do:

-make some changes in kernel to support multi-touch for the Chalkboard Electric capacitive USB touch controller -enable Bluetooth support for USB Bluetooth adapter -try to optimize the code for the camera driver (OV5640 module) to achieve better image quality -integrate mock GPS location provider to be used with a USB GPS device

I will appreciate any help.

Best Regards

Sorry, I realize that I’ve put my thread under M2, please move it to the correct location.

here you can download .

It’s possible to get a link for download the img ? pls :slight_smile:

please see here: or see