Need SD card access and USB Host

So the BPi M2M does not recognize the SD card after the system is written to the EMMC. After booting from the EMMC, I can only find the EMMC device, and no SD card. Next to that, I also want the USB Host function on the USB otg port.

From the internet I found that the system.bin has to be changed. The system.bin has a symlink in: /boot/system.bin, this symlink is not working, so I could not find a system.bin on the device. I’ve downloaded the system.bin from the github BPI-Files/SD/BPI-BOOT/BPI-BOOT-bpi-m2m.tgz and extracted the lcd7 folder with system.bin.

After this I used bin2fex to create a .fex file, and changed the following parts:

usb_port_type = 1 // 2=USB OTG [default], 1=USB Normal
usb_detect=type = 0 // 1=USB OTG [default], 0=USB Normal

(to enable USB host on the OTG port), and

sdc_used = 1
sdc_detmode = 1

to enable the SD card

However, after I saved and made the system.bin from the edited .fex, nothing happens after reboot. The system.bin is placed in: /boot/system.bin, and I’ve removed the dangling symlink.

System boots normally, but NO SD-card, and NO USB host.

What am I doing wrong?

How can I get USB Host working on the micro usb otg port, and how do I get SD card access?

Please help, Dave