Need help with Banana Pi M64

Hi, i got Banana Pi {BPI-M64} recently and i’ve been trying to install Minecraft on it, but i couldn’t find a way to do it is there anyone who was able to install Minecraft on any BPI board?

Hello, I assume you mean Minecraft Java Edition which should run fine even with open java which is in eg debian/ubunbtu repository. I’m not aware of any i386/amd64 specific things in minecraft. I didn’t tried it as my bananapi m2u is used as multimedia server (headless). So I can’t it even try it without significant modifications to my already polished system.

In any way, it would be best to post here any error messages you get while instalation.

Hi, can you please tell me how can i install it?

If You’re looking for MC server it works quite good on BPIM64 but… the Spigot version. Developer version is not optimized well.

Tell us what OS u put in Your BPI.

i have ubuntu 16.04 desktop if it doesn’t work with this OS i can install another