Native compile issues

I have been trying to get the kernel and u-boot to compile natively on the BPi-M3 board since I don’t have a x86 machine any more, well no personal machine.

I noticed a lot of binary only software in the repository. gen_check_code’s equivalent is available on u-boot in /tools. But sadly I have issues to build that one natively too.

Any plans to make a version that will compile from scratch natively ? These boards are fast enough to be self sustained, sad to see the no source code binary only in the tree.

To get it to compile I’ve commented this gen_check_code arch/arm/mach-sunxi/pm/standby/Makefile line 102

Now My next problem is it seems the ‘/root/BPI-M3-bsp/linux-sunxi/modules/gpu/sgx544/android/kernel_mode/eurasia_km/eurasiacon/binary2_sunxi_linux_release/target/pvrsrvkm.ko’

Is missing, is this a binary blob I can get somewhere ?

I’m trying too. Not result for moment

I am trying on gentoo to use crossdev -S -t arm-softfloat-linux-gnueabi but the compiler created is still trying to build a hard float compiler/glibc. I will continue to try a bit later.