Nandroid backup

Hello it’s a long time since I have been here since last time, so merry christmas to all. After long work, I have a complete customized Android 6.0.1 device, rooted and gpio enabled, working uart (tty) and with custom made launcher apk and custom apk for gpio control, to use it in industrial automation with android. Because I have done lot of changes with adb, I need to get a complete rom img from the bpi internal memory. It looks that fastboot and bootloader are locked, I tried installing TWRP without any luck, I also tried special apps like FlashFire or Titanum backup but the aren´t compatible with Magisk 20.1

I think that these could be done in an “easy” way trough adb or the shell because the device is rooted. What should I do? What partitons I need pull with dd? How can I do a PhoenixCard flashable ".img " file from extracted partitions?

I tried extracting mmcblk0 to a .img file, but when I tried loading it with Phoenixcard or Phonixsuit, the program says that the script isn´t in .img.

Any help will be appreciatted…thanks in advance!!


  1. I used “dd” command to get all partitions from the Android OS into SD card. I get the following partitions: Boot.img Bootloader.img Cache.img Data.img Env.img Metadata.img misc.omg private.img recovery.img system.img UDISK.img

  2. Then I tried to copy all partitions into a new bpi m64 (with a new Android installation) with “dd”, looks that all partitions been copied succesfully but some previously installed apks like busybox,or the stored settings of the apks and another things (root and more things) are missed.

So, ** the question is ** :

It´s posible to backup the settings of an installed or system apk (after customize settings)? And it´s posible create a Phoenixsuit type image with this backup?

** How to do a backup of the settings of diferent apks installed in the Android OS?