Multiple problems with Raspbian Jessie

I was so happy to get the M2Z because of performance, but i had many problems from the beginning .

One of them was while installing the OpenCV, following a raspbian tutorial that already worked with latest raspberry os. But i managed to overcome this problem.

When finally i tried to install and run the examples for the following 2inch LCD, i had problems with running the C and python examples, which i already runed successfully on raspberry OS with RPi

Could this be a OS compatibility issue? Will there be released any update for the latest Raspberry OS ?

Its a shame because that product is really great and its performance cant be compared with the rpi

The bananapi raspbian image is just a reference, different hardware and different linux kernel, it’s not a complete raspberryOS, so many raspbian hardware accessories and related applications are not supported.

refer to Support waveshare 3.5inch/2.4inch tft lcd for m2 zero, modify and build bsp source code of bpi zero to support your spi tft lcd.

Thank you for your answer. LCD is the only problem that left to overcome but i had no answer from Waveshare support . Is there anything on git for the 2inch_LCD_Module (17344)? Thanks again

I did what you suggested succesfully. So LCD was working. But… when i moved to next step , to install the IR Temp sensor ( MLX90614 ) there was no way to be readed on I2C pins. I added just to test a RTC pin on I2C pins and i was able to detect and read it. After searching on forum i have read that the problem would be solved by switching to Armbian. I installed the latest Armbian version, recommended for BPI M2 zero. With Armbian i was able to read the MLX90614 but now there is no way to configure the SPI lcd! Experts on Linux have also tryed with the result that you see on picture

Please i need any advice. Thank you