Mt7915 2x2 dbdc problem(?)

Hi all!

Recently I got a new mt7915 dbdc version. Now after installing and testing I got (twice) an issue with it.

It stops working randomly with the next dmesg message:

mt7915_2x2.txt (4.3 КБ)

Not sure if it’s important but both times the problem was started with:

sched: RT throttling activated

P.S. I realize that it might be a HW problem, but may be someone already have faced it.

Can you share your config (hostapd,maybe kernel)?

I guess more it’s a driver issue,which kernel version do you use?

r2-gentoo ~ # uname -r 5.12.0-bpi-r2-hnat

hostapd.conf: hostapd_2.4G.txt (304 Байта) hostapd_5G.txt (1.8 КБ)

The kernel conf is defconfig based with some network-related features enabled.

There is a version that reason is insufficient power. Likely I can measure a voltage on wifi load.

I got information,that mt7915 needs 3v3/3a in peak to work stable. But idk if r2 can give this current to pcie. @sinovoip can you tell us whats the max current on 3v3 for bpi-r2 pcie?

At this point, after disconnecting 1 of 2 of my HDDs, I don’t have this issue anymore. I didn’t measure the voltage.

7 days of uptime and active wifi using.

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So it looks like a power issue (or maybe interference)

Just a small update (and some questions) I had some eventual wifi card failures (the same as the top msg), but after instaling a fan all wifi problems are gone(>1.5 monthes of uptime).

So the questions are:

  • Is it possible to monitor the card temperature?
  • what is the upper temperature limit?

Thank You!

Afaik the card has hwmon feature,but have not tried it

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