802.11ac 4x4 standard size mini pcie card is launched

hm,is this card is 4x4:4 MU MIMO OFDMA ? how so that it is only 2401Mbps, is it combined speed of 2,4 and 5G? thnx can you please explain this: is it SU-MIMO or MU-MIMO? " MU-MIMO configurations of

  • 4 users: 4*1ss
  • 3 users: 2 1ss + 1 2ss or 3*1ss
  • 2 users: 2 2ss or 1 1ss + 1 2ss or 2 1ss"

i " * 4T4R with support of up to 2401Mbps PHY rate

  • Configurable 4×4/3×3 or 2x2n+2x2ax DBDC"

I believe @moore can give more details.

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Yes, it is mt7915a dualband selectable MU-MIMO card which can work at 4x4 2.4G (1200Mbps) or 4x4 5G(2400Mbps). If you use R64 with one 7915 card, it can become ax3200 router because 7622 has builtin 2.4G 4x4n (800Mbps) + 5G 4x4ax 2400Mbps=3200Mbps.


For dualband concurrent mode, mt7915d can be configured as 2x2 5G(1200) + 2x2 2.4G(600). It means we can have ax1800 concurrent router by only use 1 pcie slot.

AsiaRF has plan to have such card in the future. (chip is mt7915d with different pcb board)

Update progess… Just got sample and under test…

Update RvR (Rate vs. Range) test result

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I received my card with a metal shield. I was planning on adding radiators to the 2 chips on the board.

Is the shield for cooling purposes or it helps with interference?

It can reduce interference and it is ok to add heatsink on it, thanks.

What about antennas for the wifi chip?

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hi, DBDC is available now.

welcome to try it.


It is only 2T2R, the other MT7915 card is 4T4R… I almost ordered 2 but then I saw it. Hmmmmz

1800Mbps with DBDC vs 2400Mbps without DBDC

This card is with 4T4R RF outputs in circuit too. Due to 2.4GHz and 5GHz can be combined in one RF outpupt. So 1x2.4GHz and 1x5GHz are combined to 1x(dual bands). Total are 2x(dual bands) outputs. Thanks for your asking!

Just got one - going to test it.

Hi Does this WIFI module support simultaneous AP & STA mode same time, be master and client at the same time.

If you mean mesh point: yes

If you can do this

# iw dev wlan0 interface add wlan0_sta type managed addr 12:34:56:78:ab:cd  
# iw dev wlan0 interface add wlan0_ap  type managed addr 12:34:56:78:ab:ce

You can tell by:

iw list

Check: valid interface combinations:

See: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Software_access_point#L10

But sadly I do not own this card, so you need to find someone who can try this

yes, thanks for the response

I’m not familiar with the iw tool, from the Luci you can add wireless AP and Client, this is supported on Atheros wifi modules, wanted to know does this supported on this module image

Yes, many interface combination such as AP+STA are supported when using mt76 driver with MT7615E.