Modify hdmi_core.c

Hi everyboady:

Does any body know how to add support for a 800x480 HDMI lcd to BPI-M2U? why Raspberry pi3 support this LCD and BPI not? do you think is a matter of kernel? (3.10 is very old compared with 4.4 from raspberry). Or do you think that Is a metter of timming?

i found this links on lemaker forum for BPI-pi on PI-pro where people was building for special hdmi LCD

The LCD web site is, there they said that this HDMI LCd is supported by lemaker, on Banana Pi / Banana Pro that comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images

On that web site, they said that for For other mini-PCs, driver is required and should be developed by users. So, does any body know how to buil this deriver?

Any ideas, thanks.

Mauricio F.