Microphone Support missing

I have tested the https://dev.banana-pi.org.cn/Image/BPI-M2U/BPI-M2U_M2B_Android_LCD7_V1.zip

Speaker output works well but there is no input from the MIC. Is this a known issue?

Is it the new version (2017,8,25)?

On the website the date is marked as 2017-09-25 00:18

Best Regards Etienne

Not sure,was the mic working before,if not,probably a hardware issue


Dear Omar,

I have only Android on the M2U and thus have never seen the mike working.

Can anybody confirm that the mike is support in the android image https://dev.banana-pi.org.cn/Image/BPI-M2U/BPI-M2U_M2B_Android_LCD7_V1.zip