Measure frequency in a GPIO

I need to measure frequency (square signal) in a GPIO, up to 10kHz

In a Raspberry I do that with the function WiringPiISR but dont work in BPI.

I did spend some hours today debugging the wiringPI2 for BPI, and Iā€™m quite confident now that I can implement the WiringPiISR function. Hope to have a first testversion tomorrow, Friday at the latest; keep tuned !

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Im very interested. If you do that, I can help you to test it in all the boards I have. I have M2Z, P2Z, M2Berry, M2Ulta and M4

Thanks for the offer, but I will limit my work on M2-Zero only for the moment. First version is ready as promised, see my new Thread ā€¦

As stated in the README my implementation has some limitations for wiringPiISR as not all ports can be used. You will find also a new program (isr2) in the examples folder, heres the output:


Please let me know if it works for you

Thanks for all the work!!! I will test it