Marvel's Android for Allwinner H3 chip board ,BPI-M2+ will can run it

Marvel’s Android for Allwinner H3 chip board ,BPI-M2+ will can run it.

just need replace this file ,all setting for BPI-M2+


New Marvel’s Android #AndroDesk New Features:

  1. Desktop Style Android
  2. Powerful Dock for easy Access of Apps
  3. More widgets for beautiful Operating System.
  4. MicroSoft office suite pre-installed
  5. Linux Terminal Shell
  6. USB webcam is running
  7. Can be install to emmc
  8. Skype is working
  9. Native 4K display out is working
  10. Google Photos and Drive per-installed
  11. Software Power/Reboot button
  12. Can be use as server

Also All Marvel’s Android v1 all features included:

  1. Working Google Play store and 1Mobile Market
  2. Root Device
  3. Working Kodi
  4. Working Google Speech Recognition
  5. Streaming video and audio from your phone to device. from android and ios.
  6. Air mouse working
  7. 4K native display out supports
  8. 4K video playback supports (pre-installed 4k videos :wink: )
  9. AllCast supported.
  10. Cetusplay server installed. download cetusplay remote from google playstore and apple appstore.
  11. streamming from phone to device of photos and video supprted through cetusplay app.
  12. 8189fs wifi driver pre-installed
  13. sunxi_gpio, sunxi_ir_rx pre-installed
  14. USB cam supported
  15. Netflix and amazonprime pre-installed
  16. onboard button is working as sleep and awakemode. long press button will lead to menu of shutdown. same button longpress will also help to turn on device.

Still working on it… will upload soon…:sunglasses::sunglasses:

I can’t run it on BPI-M2+. Where can I find the file to be replaced?

+1 can I find the file to be replaced?