Manual for BPi - R1 setup (Lamobo)


Back in February '15 I have started to write an instruction about the setup of a BPi-R1 (Router). In the threads of the Forum, the information is scattered and it takes so much time for each to get along. So I thought such a document would help to become not only faster, but to achieve a better result as well, as you can faster spend time with the device and tweak it. My know how is getting better, but things are still missing. If you like to help the ‘community’ with your know how, please leave comments in the document if you find errors or you find something missing.

Google Docs

Thank you in advance - for your support

Cheers Tido

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There was a broken Link to download the image-file. It is now fixed and you can walk easy through the manual to get the R1 up and running.

Cheers Tido