M64 schematic, GPIO wiring

Could you please post the M64 schematic so that I can see how the various GPIOs have been wired?


What GPIO is Ampak WL_REG_ON wired to?

wlan_regon = port:PL02<1><0>

can look into the MEGA folder, docs/A64 WIFI_BT_GPS_Guide.pdf https://mega.nz/#F!kkIzBRTT!ZJVm5IhPExnILjIcj0bL8g

this should be what you are looking for… it’s in the A64BoardDesignV1_0.pdf page 14.

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Where did you get this from? Is this just a copy from [BPI-M64 doc]Some document about allwinner A64 chip?

@sinovoip when will you release board schematic? Same for M2 Ultra?

@Jon_Smirl Did they send you a link to or schematics directly or did they still not release any real documentation?

It is in their Mega folder


Do you mean A64BoardDesignV1_0.pdf? Seems to be from Allwinner and a bit outdated: 2015-04-22?

I don’t believe they changed anything.

Strange, there’s a different PMIC on the board, an USB hub nowhere mentioned in Allwinner’s reference design and camera also seems to be wrong. Is it normal to not get real schematics from these manufacturers?

They are both AXP803 PMICs, it is only PMIC that works with A64.

Adding USB hub is simple, just a couple of wires.

Banana PI people have changed things, - for example I just figured out that you have wifi on DLDO3 where in the Allwinner schematic it is on DLDO4. I can’t program this board if I don’t know how it is wired.

I booted Android V7, wifi wouldn’t work because it was wired to a different regulator than schematic indicated.

I need to know all of these details to do the Android 7 port.

Still nothing. I fear they are just an agent/seller and don’t do hardware. They have no schematic.


schematic have update