M64 board not powering up anymore

Hi all, I have recently purchased a BananaPi M64 board. It worked fine for a few days, but now it doesn’t seem to boot up anymore. The red power LED turns on, but the green blinker will stay off, and no signal is coming to the HDMI monitor. Has anyone experienced this? How can it be fixed? Or is it just bad luck and I have a defective board? I’ve tried with and without MicroSD card, and I’ve confirmed that the monitor works by plugging a different device in.

Thanks for any help! Frac

hello, May I know what did you do before board stuck, I mean your board has been working fine a few days, but now it could not start, did you do anything during this time?

could you please provide the debug log?

and please try a new image on another sd card, let’s see what happen on M64.

Hi, I think I figured this out, and it boils down to poor documentation. It was a problem with the SD; for some reason it had become corrupted and couldn’t be loaded. The problem is that in this case, or in case the SD is not inserted, nothing is displayed on the connected monitor, at all.

So in the end things are good now. So to recap in a search-engine friendly manner: a banana pi m64 will have a screen blank unless a readable, bootable microsd is inserted.