M3 WDT (watchdog timer)

Hello everyone, I wanted to know how well supported is the watchdog timer on the M3 ? I haven’t seen the module compile by default and since I do not have a x86 system, compiling the kernel is often challenging.

do you mean android???

android have WDT support.

Sorry I forgot to flag this properly, I am developing on linux, specifically on gentoo.

HI: you need re-build M3 kernel. CONFIG_WATCHDOG=m

Thank you,

So there is a hardware WDT in the chip itself ?

you can try it…

Step 1: sudo modprobe sunxi_wdt

Step 2: sudo apt-get install watchdog sudo service watchdog start


What is the reason not to have enabled by default I guess? Preferably in the Linux OS want.

how to use WDT in Android?I use BPI-M2U