M3 after shutdown the two USB ports are still powered


After I have problems with M3 suddenly shutdown. I have read many explanations in this forum and find out my power adapter for Dc jack was crappy. So now after got a new better one(5v, 2A). I was finally enable to connect one HDD via USB on M3. But it still shut down some times if thd HDD was heavy loaded while read write. I think a powered hub is my next try.

But what I want to ask: After I shut down os (Jessie 8 from 2018-08-xx), the HDD drive is still spinning and I have to cut off the power to get it stopped.

Have your guys got the same experience? How can I stop the usb drive after shutdown without to cut off power supply ?

BR, nono

I guess kernel does not support real poweroff and system can only make a “halt”

make it really sense to just “halt” OS, if I use “shutdown now”…

you need a driver in your system to send the real poweroff signal (writing some values to register of pmic) to your powercontroller on board. we realized that for bananapi r2, but without right documentation we cannot port it to another boards (still searching for r64).

Thanks frank, have you maybe got link to this topic in area banana pi r2?

Br, nono

this shows uboot way and have link to RTC-thread where mainly the poweroff is handled

here ist the complete patchset for supporting poweroff in linux for r2:


there are also some cleanups…this Patch adds the Poweroff-driver itself…but you have to implement it for your pmic (mt6xxx)…maybe you get it’s name from bootlog or kernel-config. then you need to find out the right values to write to it…thats the hardest part because for most you’ll have no documentation