M2U hardware H.264 encode

Has anyone used cedarx on M2U(R40 Soc), I downloaded sunxi-cedarx via github,and after I compiled it, the test always reports an error: warning: awplayer ve.c:109: xxxxxxx firstMemchunk.size(0) ‘0x40000000’ Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hope to get help.

I guess it looks like the https://github.com/allwinner-zh/media-codec doesn’t support R40.

VencoderDeviceCreate (venc_device.c) will use gVEncoderList (venc_device.c), but gVEncoderList probably is null.


I will do a test.

Is indeed a segmentation error in the VideoEncCreate (codecType) function.

Is there any way for R40(m2u) to implement hardware H.264 encoding?

That would be great at the moment I’m waiting for it to be added to mainline kernel to be able to run Kodi is the only thing missing for this board besides the infrared and the audio