M2 and Analog Tv output

Hello sirs How do i setup the Analog Tv output instead of HDMI on the M2 Board i tryed all images you released and not a single 1 support ANALOG-TV-OUTPUT.

M2 not AV port . so you need use HDMI to VGA do this work.

I got the Information that i can use M2-Board with this Cable: http://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/385422_-43119-video-verbindungskabel-3-5-mm-klinken-st-3-cinch-st-1-5m-hama.html1 and Analog-TV.

While you can use the cable it still won’t help since it’s “microphone in” that’s available on this TRRS plug:

http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/component/content/article?layout=edit&id=73 http://linux-sunxi.org/Sinovoip_Banana_Pi_M2

not this type. this is only AV line, watting , i will give you a link.for HDMI to VGA line

I am really confused the Seller of this Product send me a email with the answer that the audio output is also shared with a video out put for analog TV and he send me this link to the cable i need to get it working because they dont have it in their sortiment The seller was " ELV-Electronic" and they got their information after 2 days from Sinovoip.


Well, that’s quite normal.

I asked SinoVoip’s European distributor Simac GmbH for the M1 +. They answered they could sell me the M2. I told them that we already evaluated the M2 and dropped it due to horrible software support at that time (in the meantime SinoVoip plays more nicely, released the schematics and so on).

I tried to clarify and additionally asked for the price of the M1 (without +)… and got the answer, the “Banana Pi Pro” would be end-of-live (they don’t even sell the Pro because that’s LeMaker’s baby).

Me again asked for the price of the M1 (without +) and got the answer they have a few M1 + in stock and they could sell them to a good price (since “EOL you know?”).

This was the moment I finally gave up :slight_smile:

So even the distributor always confuses the different models. And you shouldn’t expect competent pre-sales support in general when the device in question is just worth a few bucks (from the seller’s point of view just the margin – and in case they have to exchange a single line of text with you the margin is 0 or below :wink: )

SINOVOIP only product below. and simac is our agent. we not sale pro. BPI-M1+ all same as pro ,only all chip in front.

about sinovoip and lemaker issue. only for they just want to copy banana pi hardware . more information , see below link. http://www.banana-pi.com/eaxw_view.asp?id=360

before , we support lemaker to support community, we design hardware and software . new ,we must do community by ourself , so ,need some time to fixed this issue. please give me some time.

BPI-M2 HDMI to VGA adapter.


TO Sinovoip the cable you show up here is not for Analog TV. The Seller (ELV-Electroniks) got the Answer from your support Team that the Audio.Out-Jack is also a Video-Out-Jack for the Cable i show you up in my link.


HDMI to VGA cable you show up maybe works with a Computer-Screen but how it should work with ANALOG-TV. (“Use a Hammer and smash into a chinch size?”) So whats up ? Is the Audio-Jack also a Video-Jack? Or does your Support-Team lie to the Buyers to sell more products ? Is this the Way you are doing Bussiness in CHINA ???

What’s wrong with you? They confused the boards. Same happens to buyers and is one of the side effects of calling totally incompatible boards “Banana Pi”. The M2 is something different than Banana Pi/M1/Pro/M1+.

And regarding analog video out: Everything such a cheap ARM device is able to provide is based on the SoC’s capabilities: Does the A31s provide analog video out? http://linux-sunxi.org/A31s (compare with the A20 used on the real Banana Pi if in doubt)

for BPI-M2, only use HDMI to AV adapter . http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/HDMI-to-AV-Converter_704205158.html?spm=a2700.7724857.35.1.jPnE1M

But you really should tell that your distributors/agents too and correct your so called ‘specs’ and user manual (eg. http://files.elv.de/Assets/Produkte/12/1203/120351/Downloads/120351_m2_um.pdf). They falsely advertise the Banana Pi M2 being capable of composite video via TRRS jack:


So do resellers: http://www.elv.de/banana-pi-m2-1-gb.html (composite video, CVBS) http://www.reichelt.de/BANANA-PI-M2/3/index.html?&ACTION=3&LA=446&ARTICLE=154171&artnr=BANANA+PI+M2&SEARCH=banana+pi (CVBS, wrong power in description due to copy&paste from your wrong user manual)

And so on… It’s no wonder noone loves the M2 :slight_smile:

I have to connect the Bpi-M2 through the DVI. I have a HDMI <-> DMI adaptor in order to connect my board to the monitor.

I follow this guide :

but it down’t work with my old monitor. I think it’s a question of frequency refresh that is not compliant with the monitor. The same settings worked fine with Banana Pi.

Please help me, it’s very important.