Lifetime of M3 Availability


I’m evaluating the M3 and intend to base a product on it. However that means I need to take account of the lifetime of the product. It is already quite old being fist released in 2015 - does anyone know how/who to ask this question to? I also need to buy in bulk; firstly 100 but ending up in 1,000.

Also I would need RoHS and REACH information for the M3 - is that available?



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Let us know what you find out…!

Of the current and high-quality microcomputers, it is better to use raspberry pi 4, afaik.

Anything that is supported by Armbian is just fine:

I did not say that Armbian does not support something, I said that bpi 4 is slower and more expensive than rpi 4 with similar characteristics.

This topic is about Bpi M3 which is something else …

Rpi is everything but high quality. Its as cheap as possible. Its quality is big enough community that sort software support on their expense so that corporation makes nice profits. But hw wise you should buy what you need for your case. And not the other way around.

M3 use allwinner A83T chip design . and the chip not EOL . so banana pi team will long time do this product .