LibreElec 10 (Kodi Matrix) at BPI-M2 Zero with Youtube, HBO Max and (probably) Netflix

Hey guys, LibreElec development team (represented by added support to build LibreElec10 at Allwinner H2+ boards, notably banana pi m2 zero.

They didn’t host an official image at their site, because of Banana Pi M2Z low RAM, but by following their build steps I was able to build an image that is capable to play youtube videos as well HBO max and (probably) Netflix movies and series through armv7 widevine cdm.

As expected, I wasn’t able to play videos in high quality, for the lack of memory, but I was able to play them flawlessly in standard definitions (480p, 360p)

The libreelec run flawlessly at BPI-M2 Zero in general and WiFi and HDMI audio worked perfectly either. I tried Bluetooth, but I wasn’t able to get it working, but, maybe it will work with the correct tweaks.

LibreElec also come with some emulators (LibRetro) but I didn’t test them.

Here’s the link for the image: and if you want, I can share the docker container that I set up to build this image.

Here’s a video showing BPI-M2Z booting and loading videos from youtube and HBO Max, sorry for poor quality:

And that’s it, please let me know if anything goes wrong during your tests and let’s learn together, since this is the first time that I try to do something like this.

Sorry for my poor English and thank you very much folks!

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