LCD module(DSI+RGB) with touch and S070SWV20HG-DC16 lcd panel + mainline kernel

I have bought panel from subject(from here: but i can’t make it work with mainline(5.7) kernel.

I have Lamobo R1 which is (as you may know) very similar to Banana Pi M1. On old bananian(kernel 3.x something) with lamobo r1 fex modified according to this one(only part for lcd has been taken): it works(LCD+touch).

But on mainline dtb(device tree) for lamobo and this device tree overlay it doesn’t. I’ve compiled dt-overlay without any warning and i can see that driver - with this overaly - is loading but screen remains black and - which is weird - display connected via hdmi changes its resolution.

i have exactly this lcd module:

I’ve tired this already: but without luck :frowning:

@ sinovoip Any help? Really any clue would be appreciated.

To make U-Boot working add this to configs/Lamobo_R1_defconfig (in u-boot sources)


Still no working in linux :frowning:

How it looks like: