LCD display lemaker on M3

Hi, I’m new in this area and I just bought a banana Pi m3 and then I got an LCD screen 5" (made by lemaker) touchscreen hoping that by connecting it to the M3 everything was fine, but then I found out that they are not compatible, there is a way (using drivers or anything else) to get them to make them compatible? PLS :cry: I think It would be a MIPI DSI adapter RGB

can someone answer me?

there are not that many people on here sadly, and I’m not sure that anyone could answer your question. If the screen is not compatible, its unlikely that any drivers would make a difference.

that said the Banana Pi does have MIPI DSI connectors so it will depend on what your screen uses, but I don’t really know enough about LCD panel screens to give you any advice on how to get it to work.

The M3 makers don’t seem to speak a lot of English and it may be some time before you get a response, but try asking the screen makers instead?

What’s wrong with you? The Banana Pi does not exist or if one of the many totally incompatible variants could be called the Banana Pi then it’s the first one. The LCD screen he bought from LeMaker works nicely with the Banana Pi (M1/M1+/Pro) but not with the incompatible M3.

So many people have already been tricked into believing all these Bananas would be compatible, wasted their money and efforts to buy peripherals ‘made for Banana Pi’ just to realize they bought incompatible stuff that receives zero support. Same applies to software: For all other Bananas you get good OS images (Bananian, Armbian and a few specialised ditros), just the M3 will remain unsupported forever:

What’s wrong with you?

so I misnamed the M3 as the Bpi,…and you couldn’t wait to make a smart put down and continue your relentless vendetta ,even though it was quite clear I was talking about the M3, you really are a sad little man… no, I mean child!

:cry: so I spent the money in vain … I will pass to lameker board at least they give support to its products thanks a lot for you

you can try it on another Pi type board, just check which one you know it to be compatible with,

for BPI-M1,M1+,M2, use RGB interface , but BPI-M3, use MIPI interface.

so we update our LCD module to support two.

for lemaker LCD module , use LVDS interface ,so it can not use on BPI-M3

Yes, you (like many many others before) have been tricked into thinking products are compatible but they aren’t. Fortunately for most use cases the older Banana Pi variants are faster even if their specs don’t look that good. And you get superiour software for those.

I agree with Dragon. I received an M3 as a birthday gift… I think it’s the most expensive Pi out there but thought everything would work, would get help with issues/projects…How wrong… I also got an LCD display that uses HDMI but even this won’t work. Tried for 3 weeks messing trying to get the resolution but failed (800x480)

TBH think I should have asked for a raspberry pi and all would have worked…

Try latest images and everything will work fine and take a look at

Tried all the images… All have issues… either lack of GPU support like YouTube videos etc. wont play. Chromium doesn’t work, Can’t get Kodi to work… lack of resolution support… Managed to rebuild the kernel and get resolution to 800x480 but I think my timings are out. And finally managed to get Firefox to play YouTube vids.

Android seems to be best at the mo for use but now need to get play store installed… No PC at the mo for ADB.

Suppose after all this, learnt a lot for Linux :wink: