Latest Android, can't rotate screen orientation

With the latest Android build, I can no longer rotate the screen orientation to portrait mode.

It is always in landscape mode.

Even when install apps to control the rotation, this doesn’t work anymore.

In the previous builds, this worked.

Any ideas? Checked settings in Android, but didn’t find anything that worked to fix the problem.

Hello: The V4 version goes with landscape mode only. Use V3 version, if you’d like to control the rotation.

well that stinks… the app I have made is ment for portrait mode only.

Would be great to have at least the ability to switch it so OS is stuck in portrait or stuck in landscape.

Good Morning.

I have a Dell S2240T touchscreen, and I installed Android, but I can not turn the screen. I would like to know how to solve this. And also the keyboard does not appear.