I've made an unboxing (and more) videos and written some article about the BPI-M6

For everyone who like to see the new Banana Pi BPI-M6 in wild: I’ve made an unboxing video:

and I’ve written an article about the new board with technical details, an comparison to the new Raspberry Pi 5 hardware and some cool photos:


Please note, that the video and the web page are in German. For the web page just use the buttons at the top for translation. For the Youtube video activate subtitles and the automatically translation to your preferred language.

Have fun watching and reading!

Thanks to Hailey for sharing this on Twitter / X

Update: new article

“Banana Pi BPI-M6: Ersteinrichtung und Hochladen eines Images” (Tutorial Upload Firmware to BPI-M6, in German):

Raspberry Pi / Banana Pi BPI-M6: Ersteinrichtung und Hochladen eines Images

Maybe useful for people, that have problems in the burning image process and are not speaking chinese like me.

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good job ,thank you for your share it

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Yet another article and 2 videos from me:

“Banana Pi BPI-M6: Test des Android Tablet Images”

Read more at: https://cool-web.de/raspberry/banana-pi-bpi-m6-raspberry-pi-5-alternative-android-tablet-firmware-test-temperaturen.htm

Two new videos about testing the Android Image are linked in the article.

Video Android Tablet Image: Browser

Video Android Tablet Image: Gallery

Have fun!

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