Issues with bpi M2U

Hi, I have a problem with my M2U… I wanted to display the power_supply details, but I can’t get any data back. I can read the temperature, but voltage and current remain at 0.

I also wanted to know why the kernel is so outdated. Would it be possible to upgrade to a 4.x kernel, if so, how?

I would be very grateful for an answer Bildschirmfoto%20von%20%C2%BB2018-06-03%2013-41-22%C2%AB

Use battery supply power: image

Use DC supply power: image

it seems battery is ok, but dc is not right, thanks, I will fix this.

we are working for the kernel 4.4, but we have many issues in kernel 4.4, so we don’t release it.

Thanks for the help,

Will the update then appear via bpi-update or will a new installation be necessary? (Power Supply & maybe the kernel update later)

What is the problem with a kernel update? Is the firmware of the hardware not supported? (purely out of interest).

Hello, Xedon; Yes, you could use bpi-update to update your image, after we update the kernel.

There are some features don’t support yet, but we will make it work.

Ah ok thanks,

what should the output normally look like after a successful bpi update? I think I have a little problem here, he downloads something and unpacks it successfully but somehow not more, because if I execute the command again he does the same again… Or did I make a mistake?

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Thanks for any help :wink:

Hello,you could input “bpi-update -h” to see the usage;

I usually use "bpi-update -c m2u.conf -d /dev/sdx” under the compiled project to update my image files.

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Ah ok thanks, it works now :smiley: