ISPConfig3 Server Running on BananaPi BPI-M2 Ultra

Complete ISPConfig3 Server Running on BananaPi M2Ultra

Server Details-

  1. OS - Debian 8 Jessie Lite on eMMC
  2. Kernel - Linux banana 3.10.107-BPI-M2U-Kernel
  3. ISPConfig 3.1.8
  • 3 Wordpress Websites
  • 1 Fully operational E-Mail Domain (Approx. 20 Accounts) with Roundcube Webmail, AntiSpam & Clamav
  • 1000+ Daily E-Mail transactions
  • iSCSI Storage Drive for E-Mail Storage (From NAS)

The board’s performance is satisfactory. Totally serves my purpose. It is being used as production setup. OS is stable, not freezeups or random reboot. The gigabit LAN is a huge lifesaver here. Cause I’m using NAS for my email storage. Quite happy with the performance. Also 2GB RAM is great.

the performance is very good. temperature average 45.

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