Is my BPI-M3 broken?


since yesterday my BPI-M3 seems to be dead… If I press the start-button nothing happens. (all LED’s are off) If I hold the start-button for a while the red LED light up, but only twice briefly and weak…

Here the video:

My Power-Supply works fine, but I also tried it with a 2nd one - everything without success…

Can anyone help me?

Thank You root_Padi

Use HDMI->VGA? Android System?

Fist, thank you for your reply.

And no, I dont use Android or any HDMI-Connection. I tried it with both Raspbian-Systems, Lite and Jessie…

You can see, its only a Lan-Cable, Wifi-Antenna, a Power-Supply and my SD-Card connected.

Also my BPI never fall’s down or sth. like that :frowning:

Normally my BPI works great with all that things…

No one any Ideas ?

I cant understand it… I use a good Power-Supply, Heat Sinks with heatsink paste, it never fall’s down or sth. and my BPI is just half a year old.

But now its borken or what ?