Is it possible to make a overlayfs on m2 zero?

Hi guys, I remember that on raspiberry zero there is an option in raspi-config to make a overlay file system, which is useful to avoid data los, is it possible on m2 zero? I’ve tried many scripts from web but none of them works…

In fact, I think that if it is for the root system, I suppose you were referring to something like that, right?

the penultimate option


You’re using armbian? Which tool did you use? bpi-config? I’m using the raspibian image but it has only raspi-config tool can run but no overlayfs option. :frowning:

yes and no friend what happens is that I compile my own images and it is already included in the kernel.

if you want to try with my images you can download them from my repo they are in the download section and you would only run sudo armbian-config so you can use it :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your perfect work~~~