Is banana pi m3 support 4tb sata3.0 hard drive?

I want to buy banana pi m3 and i need to know Banana pi m3 can detect 4tb (sata 3.0) hdd for installing linux or not? Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

If you go through the device specification, It clearly mentions SATA 2.0 Port (USB-to-SATA bridge)

Here is the link to the specification of the board.

Here is its Chipset Datasheet.

In this it only have USB 2.0 which is bridged as SATA.

Maybe you can try M2 Ultra which have dedicated Sata Interface but still it is Sata II 3.0Gb/s Here is M2 Ultra Chipset Datasheet.

You can buy W2 as it have Sata 3 interface with 6Gb/s

I hope you get the queries answered here.

actually my question is all about that banana pi m3 can able to detect 4tb hard drive? (sata 2 is also acceptable) because i read in several forums that banana pi only limited to 2tb hard drives? thanks for your reply

I am not aware of this as I don’t have the device to test that. Maybe someone from the bananapi team can help you with this question.