Install RPiconfig


I would like to configure my bpi2mu for overlocking (safely)
I used Rasbian and it was realy easy to put the performances (cpu) from low to turbo…
but, right now, am using Ubuntu MATE.
I try to install RPiconfig and configure the file ( infos ::
But it dont seem to works.
Do you have any clue ?
I also would like to allow more vram (video ram)

Have a nice day.

I wish so too ! Did you had a glance at orange pi yet ? I try to get a recall box as well on it ! But noting worked so far and I loose the desktop function each time i try another os on it.

Please let us know if some one did find out the way :slight_smile:

I will…
sorry it’s not a solved UP :wink:
I have an error (boot loop) right now
on freeing unused memory
I come back soon…