Install PI OS on BPI-M2 zero?

Hello, I have a project where I’m using pi-zero I want to start use Banana PI M2 zero I have try to take the SD from the pi and put it - didn’t work (got nothing on screen) then I have search and download 2020-04-10-raspbian-jessie-ap6212-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc.img but also I get nothing on the screen

what did I miss? do I need to make some changes in the board?

I want\need it to work as close as it can be to the pi in minimum changes

Thanks ,

I did have same problem some days ago. I just connected the HDMI to the better display / projector.

If bpi does not boot at all - no display continous red light on bpi. If it boots red led may blink depending on the image.

it doesn’t blink

but can it work with raspberry pi os ?

This jessie img which you mentioned raspbian runs but it is very aged version. You just need to follow instructions to burn the sd card and have good display to get it running.

It looks like that from the company there is no interest for sw support for the zero board. Operating systems are aged and there is no official os. I try to use this jessie for my project, but this my be my last banana project because of lack of official os.

OK can you send me a link for the instructions ? because I have download , burn it - and nothing works maybe I miss something?

Why would you need an official OS? What is that anyway? Do you think Rpi OS is good because they are making it good or is it perhaps a community, 3rd party, that is co-making it?

For many Bananas, you have People that making it have 20 - 30 years of experiences in Linux and Embedded Linux. Not everything is perfect, but the reasons is absence of your support …

that mean I need to build my project from 0 .

does it have all the packages that raspberry OS Debian have?

Existence of Armbian means that you are always starting from something that is not 0.

Raspberry Pi is Debian OS for Raspberry Pi.

On software Debian side 100% yes. Raspberry Pi didn’t invent Linux. If you want to run lets say PiHole or VPN server, you don’t need to worry about. It will work without problems and the exact same way, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Interacting with hardware? It depends what are your needs.

4G modem , SPI sensor

This is not a problem. SPI works - just need to enable it, 4G modem = the same problem as on any other Linux / hardware. Its USB device, so … But most of known ones will just work, otherwise you need to enable, adjust scripts. You don’t expect hardware manufacturer will do that for you? Or me? Yes, I know how to get this done and can help you, but am sadly too busy to fix problems in your company.

I didn’t ask anyone to do the job for me :slightly_smiling_face:

just wanted to know if it’s possible and doable before I get started


If you are asking technical questions on forums, you are … :slight_smile: Passive way is not asking anyone - using machines (Google) and technical papers. But that can take hours …

Like Igor said , the “oficial” image is in fact for raspberry and dont have good support from BPI. In fact I contacted BPI directly because I cant make images works and they said me that the image (that I have downloaded from their google drive) wasn’t official.

In the M2Zero I have running correcly the Which is in the BPI-P2Z folder. It work for both, P2Zero and M2Zero.

Still need to make a lot of work to get all software works, for example in the P2Zero the wiringPi library that is installed didn’t work, I need to uninstall and compile a modified version to make things work.

Hi, as an RPi Zero experienced person, I made the same mistake and instead of buying RPi Zero 2 for a cheaper price I bought BPi M2 Zero, thinking it was better than RPi zero, turned out it is useless, it doesn’t even properly run its own recommended camera. now there is a shortage for Rpi Zero 2 and I regretted a lot that I wasted my money and time on BPi. Don’t waste your time with BPi, go back to RPi if you are doing electronic projects or IoT. BPi is only good for learning Linux and how to produce a Linux OS which works on BPi. Mostly for software engineers. Raspbian OS is not compatible with BPi, and Armbian has lots of problems with IoT projects and controlling 40 hardware pins.

Name one problem. In case you need commercial support, we can help you.

the problem is like you said

now there is a shortage for Rpi Zero 2

and we are trying to find a solution , without changing the all project…



I have try to connect a SPI sensor (simple) couldn’t make it work maybe a driver is missing ? seem very simple and basic thing to run.

also - can you send me a link for a working image? maybe I’m trying to use the wrong image ?


armbian-config -> hardware -> enable SPI … then check HW schematics where SPI bus is.

Example of enabling i2c with Armbian. Its almost impossible to make it more simple.

If you are using Armbian, perhaps tune into: ?

I know that SPI is supported on this SoC and I have even test it years ago. I don’t use it ATM and I have no time to test this feature for you. If you are asking about where to download Armbian? This is Google type of question. If you don’t find image, build one.